Advantages Of Being A Software Developer

Nov 11, 2022

Software developers can be considered creative thinkers. Their task is to build and create products that suit the needs of society. They will also analyze the requirements of the software and determine the specific steps for designing the software by making plans, setting parameters, creating designs, coding, encryption, and testing. For this reason, creativity is needed as the main factor to produce innovative products that can meet market needs. This is one of the attractions of this profession.  

In the IT field, software developer jobs are among the most sought-after by various world companies, such as start-up companies in Indonesia, Singapore, and Vietnam. Various advantages can be obtained by working as a software developer, including the following: 

1. Good Pay 

A career as a software developer is in the high-wage class. Software developement has become a major need in the field of Information Technology. Therefore, it is not surprising that companies are willing to provide high salaries and benefits. Based on information from Indeed, software developers make up 1 of the 100 highest-paying jobs in the US. You can earn up to tens of millions of rupiah in a month. The average global salary a software developer receives is around US$ 92,660 per year.  

2. Flexibility 

Working from home is a dream of many people. By doing this job, you can do much more than that. All you need is a computer and a good internet connection, so you’re not even limited at home. This job allows you to still have a steady income while traveling. Even if it’s only a few days a week, working remotely can give you balance in life. You can go anywhere in the world and still work.  

3. Creativity 

As a software developer, you need creativity to survive in this job. To solve the problem and do the innovation, you must be a good creative thinker. In some cases, if you are experimenting with your application or device and you find an error, you need to rack your brain to find another way for your application or device to work. By going through this process, you will be formed into a creative individual. 

4. Socialization 

Being a software developer doesn’t mean you will work alone. Don’t be afraid of loneliness.  Every process is not carried out alone, but it goes through teamwork. You will interact with people to complete various programming projects. In addition, you can also participate in open forums or discussions to gain new knowledge and upgrade your skill. 

5. Career Opportunities 

Many jobs are now being replaced by computers and software. However, those computers and software still need development and maintenance. Therefore, in this era, job such as software developers can be said to be quite “safe” because they can’t be replaced. This job needs creative human thinking. Moreover, by mastering only a few programming languages, you can have the opportunity to work in any company or country. 

Afterward, you can build your own freelance business. Let’s say you have experienced working as a software developer for many years. You can start a career as an independent software developer with your wealth of experience. You can build an app, a site, or you can also write a book and sell it. In addition, you can open classes or become a speaker on software development forums. 

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