How to be A Software Developer

Nov 11, 2022

Did you know? being a software developer is one of the excellent career paths in the Information and Technology field. How could it not? Every business service is legit. Whether you come from a computer science background or a major related to mathematics. There are so many benefits that can be obtained by working as a software developer, ranging from flexible working hours to lucrative salaries and benefits. You can also live this profession by becoming an employee of a company or opening your own freelance service. So, how to be a software developer? Then you should pay attention to various important aspects that will be described in this article.  In the increasingly rapid development of the technology world, technology companies are also competing to move quickly. All are trying to win the market by making various innovations to their products and services. One of them is by making quality software products in accordance with the needs of the community. For this reason, creativity is needed as the main factor to produce innovative products that can meet market needs. 

Skills Needed as a Software Developer 

In the era of rapidly changing technology, the task of a software developer is to continue to innovate in order to understand what suit the needs of the community. For this reason, software developers are required to develop themselves and meet the following capabilities: 

  • Able to write code that can be maintained. 
  • Having expertise in the programming language such as Javascript, ReactJS, AngularJS, jQuery. 
  • Have experience building front end applications with ES2015+, NodeJS, jQuery, HTML5, and CSS3. 
  • Understand how to deploy front-ends and workflows with Git, Grunt or Gulp. 
  • Understanding System Analysis, System Evaluation, Deductive Reasoning, Problem Sensitivity and Category Flexibility. 
  • Familiar with various types of popular programming languages, such as Python, C#, Java, and C++. 
  • Able to communicate and work well together. 
  • Detail-oriented because a small mistake in the software development process can be fatal to the application. 

Apart from that, software developers need to have these criteria: 

  • Analytical Thinking, using logic and reasoning to identify the strengths and weaknesses of alternative solutions, or approaches to problems being handled. 
  • Passion for programming is must have and maintain learning by always trying. 
  • Problem solving, understanding complex problems, and knowing how to use technology to solve them. 
  • Time management in handling deadlines that are usually given. 
  • Communication skill, able to speak in technical and non-technical terms to the development team or other departments. 
  • Logic and Imagination, a programmer must have the ability to solve a problem not only with one answer but to come up with many alternatives. 

Software Developer Career 

Within the world of world scope, the software developer position has a fairly broad scope of employment. This profession can work in agencies, various private companies, or startups in various types of Industries. Currently, the software developer profession will be very much needed. In view of the fact that currently, almost all companies in various industries are now using software systems. 

If you do not possess any related educational background, don’t worry, you still have the opportunity to work as a software developer. You can take courses to get certifications that can be studied online now. There are many e-learning methods to gain and develop software development skills. By mastering several programming languages, software developers can have the opportunity to work at any company or in any country they want. It is because software developers have the fundamental ability that every company in any field in the world must have. 

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