With the ever-increasing pace of globalisation and business connectivity, the demand for IT professional is greater than ever.We work closely with our clients to create software.
“Work at KST values high flexibility, with emphasis on result-driven workstyle, so we have the freedom to define how we should perform, as long as we can deliver the best results.”

IT Offsourcing

Offshore IT outsourcing (hence the term offsourcing) is a viable way to remain competitive in an increasingly aggressive global environment. The management team at KST will save you the time recruiting and training IT resources to your specifications. As your business partner we will also supervise and control your day-to-day offshore work operations

Other benefits our clients reap of having Captive IT Offsourcing-team:

Easily increase or decrease your capacity based on business needs.
Reduced risks and cost.
You will only work with skilled and globally competitive people.
We adjust to client priorities and changes.
Always have full time dedicated team.